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The Freedom To Wear Flat shoes

 The Freedom to Wear Flats

The association between wearing high heels and being ‘feminine’ has long been etched into women’s minds.

From the permanently teetering Barbie doll to playing dress up in your mother’s heels, it seems like the most obvious connection – if you want to look and feel feminine, nothing short of a 3” heel will suffice.

Which can leave those of us who, either through choice or necessity, forgo the heels in favour of a more modest height – feeling a little left out in the cold.

So are we less fashionable or feminine for choosing to wear flat shoes?

The new fashion icons

 Once upon a time, women’s flat shoes were generally the dowdy option. Sure, we wore them – but with gritted teeth.

 Unflattering, lacking any kind of stylish flair and generally pretty much identical, if you wore flat shoes then you had to be resigned to compromising your sense of style.

 But now, designers and shoe lovers across the board have embraced the flat shoe with a fierce passion. Alexa Chung made the once bookish and clompy-looking loafers into the perfect accessory to offset a cute mini dress – and no one’s about to challenge her style credentials.

 Or how about the King of high fashion himself – Karl Lagerfeld – when he made the decision to have models hit the Chanel Couture runway in trainers?

 And the most iconic person of all to embrace flat shoes? Barbie! (Yes, the doll.) With the recent design of a new flat flat shoe collection, Barbie has finally jumping on board the flat shoe train, with an enviable shoe collection featuring gladiators, chunky sandals and flatforms. It’s pretty heartening to see the once tiptoeing blonde stand up for herself in a pair of slick, super stylish flats.

 Real women wear flats

 Jolie-laide clompy flat shoes are all well and good when you’re an adorkable twenty something, but what happens when you hit the real world?

 Does donning a smart, professional suit or a gorgeous LBD for a hot date mean suffering through the pain of heels?

 Sure, if you want. But unless you’re a sucker for a seriously sore back and feet, you could just sidestep the heel section entirely, for a fabulous new perspective on shoes instead.

 Gleaming patent leathers. Delicate, dainty details. A rainbow of colours, textures and shapes – all with the comfort and ease of a low heeled shoe.

 While we’ll always admire the beautiful lines of a well-designed heel, lovers of flat shoes can finally rejoice – you no longer have to suffer through an impractical heel, but embrace everything life throws at you in a gorgeous flat shoe.

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